Flowers are the perfect way to create an atmosphere at your chosen venue. It is important to consider the decor, and try to work with, rather than against this! Think about areas that need decorationg, eg Tables, mantlepieces, staircases etc.. Also, it is a good idea to try and re-use these designs where possible, eg a registrars table design could be used as a top table centre following the ceremony, and the brides bouquet could be used on the cake table.


Churches also need to be thought about in thems of floral decorations too. Pew ends always look lovely and really help to create a 'bridal' feel. Pedestals can be used to create an entrance or flank the altar, and create a focal point.

Lychgates outside the church look so pretty when decorated with flowers and foliages, and make the perfect place for having photographs taken too!

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